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During the development process for an analog campaign for a fashion brand, the idea came up to invent a fictional brand and create a purely fictional story of a fashion Designer, fictionary fashion products and fashion images just with AI. 


Based on the statement "This is not real" first the name Thinoré = "TH-Is-NOt-REal" was created. After that I wrote the fictional story of the Designer Enkh Thinoré and asked ChatGPT to rewrite it into a profile. Beside the personal story of the designer and the brand positioning, ChatGPT described exactly according to my specifications a complete production process for a sustainable and traditional production for felt and cashmere products, made out of recycled old woolen products. ChatGPT also helps me by created headlines and a website structure for Thinore. 


Then I developed the fashion and the images for the campaign with the program midjourney. An unusual but very exciting process. Finding the different descriptions between the documentary images and the fashion photos and developing a consistent style was also a difficult challenge. overall a very complex and time-consuming task, but compared to a real production it's a walk in the park. Finally, the images were color corrected in Lightroom and edited in Photoshop. The whole process was extremely creative and I was able to use all my skills, from conceptioner, writer, director, photographer and graphic designer and quite atypical fashion designer and it felt like trying out all possibilities with an interdisciplinary, free-spirited team of creative people and implements. often surprising and always inspiring.

Too beautiful to be?

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