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The first website with my AI photos for Freudenhaus Eyewear in Munich. A very inspiring and exciting, but in the end also a very complex process. The process spanned 3 versions of Midjourney, but only the latest version 5.1 brought the essential quality boost to get images close to reality. Topaz Gigapixel AI brought the appropriate image quality and resolution.


At first we photographed all the glasses and wanted to combine them via Midjourney, but that doesn't work (yet). The classic Abobe Photoshop had to help. But here also the new AI update brought a significant advantage. As well as the new version of Adobe Lightroom, with which we made the final color correction and gave the images the final touch.


I learned a lot of new things during this time, especially how to think and design in a new way. I find it fascinating how you can find new approaches and solutions with AI and how the sometimes absurd intermediate results challenge you to describe things more precisely and in a more smart way in order to reach your target. A good exercise also for other creative processes. Ads and posters will follow.

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