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Roman KUHN


Roman Kuhn is a versatile and talented creative with extensive experience in storytelling, graphic design, filmmaking, and photography. With his entry into the world of AI art, he has merged his expertise and pushed the boundaries of creativity even further. Throughout his career, Roman has perfected his skills as a Filemaker, crafting captivating narratives that captivate audiences. As a creative director and graphic designer, he has created impressive campaigns that resonate with viewers. His experience as a film director brings these ideas to life on the screen, while his unique perspective on visual storytelling, gained through his photography, adds depth to his creative projects.


As one of the first 3D artists in Germany, Roman pioneered the use of computer animation, laying the foundation for his diverse range of projects, spanning graphic design, commercials, and filmmaking. He has been involved in numerous notable campaigns, including renowned collaborations with C&A, as well as innovative commercials and image films for ADAC, Siemens, IBM, Apple, Porsche, and others. One of the highlights of his career was the Olympic bid film for Berlin.


In addition to his professional work, Roman shares his expertise as a lecturer at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and the Munich Academy of Fine Arts.


With a growing passion for storytelling, he began developing concepts not only for campaigns but also for feature films. His directorial debut came in 1999 with the television film "Die Schläfer" on pro7, marking the beginning of his successful filmmaking career. Since then, he has directed various television and feature films, including a documentary about the life of Hildegard Knef, which received a nomination for the German Film Award. His latest film, "Die Bilderkriegerin" (originally titled "ANJA – Leben an der Front"), based on the life of war photographer Anja Niedringhaus, is set to be released soon.


Roman's experiences in feature filmmaking have greatly influenced his commercial work. He has developed new formats that combine the best of both worlds. For example, he collaborated with Gruner&Jahr and UFA Fernsehproduktion on the innovative "FLOADED" platform, producing a pilot film with Mercedes/Canon/Apple, among others.


With his understanding of camera technology and digital post-production, he constantly explores new possibilities of visualization. Alongside his film work, his passion for photography has become an integral part of his creative endeavors.

As an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast, he has established himself as one of the leading automotive photographers. He is always in search of unique perspectives, stories, and innovative techniques to capture captivating images. Roman's approach remains firmly rooted in the power of storytelling.


With the integration of AI art into his repertoire, Roman can now combine all his talents and further push the boundaries of creativity. With these new tools, he can create breathtaking images and films that were previously unimaginable. This exciting development completes the circle of his journey as a creative professional.

Roman Kuhn

Grandlstr.32 81247 Munich Germany

Phone: +4917676533532


Insta: roman kuhn_movingpictures

Finanzamt München: STR.NR:14515661558

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